Dharma Lecture: Two Ways of Knowing Phenomena

Lecturer: Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim
Sunday, March 4, 2018
Time: 1:30-3:30pm
Location: Shrine Room
Suggestion Donation: Members $20, Non-Members $30

This will be a comprehensive presentation on these two sides of mind by defining specific characteristic, identifying respective objects and differentiating mode of complex comprehensions. In particular, Geshe Jamyang will emphasize the importance of applying these topics to our daily lives, and in our dharma paths toward both immediate sense of ascertainment in following the intended paths and finally leading to the ultimate awakened mind.

This talk is mainly based on the Sakya Pandita’s text entitled “Treasure of (Buddhist) Epistemology and Reasonings,” as well as Geshe Jamyang’s decades of psychological and clinical knowledge/experience developed while living here in the West.

Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim received his “Loppon” an advanced degree in Indo-Tibetan Psychological/Philosophical studies from Sakya (Monastic) College in India after studying 10 consecutive years under the late Khenchen Appy Rinpoche. He then served as a faculty member teaching Buddhist philosophical studies for two years at the Sakya Institute, Puruwala, India. He became a close attendant/translator for the late H.E. Dezhung Rinpoche III in Nepal for several years. After arriving in USA, Jamyang was officially appointed as a resident dharma teacher in Olympia, WA by H. H. Dagchen Dorje Chang in 1988 and has been serving as a Dharma teacher for the last 29 years. He was a former Tibetan Buddhist monk for twenty years. He is also a founder of the Nalanda Institute (Center for Buddhist Studies and Meditations) in Olympia. Jamyang was a visiting faculty member teaching Sakya Pandita’s Buddhist logic and Epistemology at IBA, Nepal in 2002.

In the west, he then received his M.A. in Counseling Psychology in 1997 from Saint Martin’s University and his B.A. from The Evergreen State College in 1992 with an emphasis in Western Psychology. He has been practicing as a mental health therapist since 1990 and is a WA state licensed mental health counselor as well as works as a therapist at the Evergreen State College. He also teaches at the same college mainly East/West Psychology, Buddhist Epistemological and psychological model of mind emotion and specializes in a clinical application of mindfulness in mental health issues as well as well-being in a daily life.


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