Vajrasattva Initiation

By H.E. Khondung Asanga Vajra Sakya
Saturday, December 16
Time: 10:00 - 11:15 am
Location: Sakya Monastery Shrine Room
Suggested contribution: Members $55, Public $75

Prerequisite: One should bathe the morning of the initiation and one should wear new or clean white clothes. In addition, one should be vegetarian (no eggs, meat, alcohol or garlic) and be celibate the day of the initiation and the 24 hours following.

Advance Payment and Registration is Recommended:
1. Online, via Paypal at
2. In person at Sakya Monastery in Seattle.
3. By personal check on a U.S. bank, to be mailed to the Monastery.

The practice of Vajrasattva (Dorje Sempa) is for the purification of one’s karma created through the body, speech and mind. The practice purifies and mends broken commitments, especially the Vajrayana vows.

His Eminence Khöndung Asanga Vajra Sakya Rinpoche is the son of H.E. Khöndung Ani Vajra Sakya Rinpoche, the second son of the Phuntsok Phodrang family and Dagmo Chimey la.  He is also the youngest grandson of the late H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Dorje Chang and therefore a direct descendent of the unbroken Khon lineage which dates back to 1073. His Eminence is also the grandson of H.E. Garje Khamtul Rinpoche, a highly realized and accomplished Nyingmapa master on his mother’s side.  His Eminence Khöndung Asanga Vajra Rinpoche was born on May 1st, 1999 in Seattle Washington. In April of 2005 at the age of five, H.E. Asanga Vajra Rinpoche left Seattle to study and train at the Tharlam Monastery in Boudhanath, Nepal. In the ensuing years, H.E. Asanga Vajra Rinpoche received many important teachings including the Lamdre Tsogshey from his late paternal grandfather, H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche and the Lamdre Lobshey teachings from his paternal grand-uncle H.H. the 41st. Sakya Trichen Rinpoche. He has also received many other very important empowerments, teachings and oral instructions from other great masters such as H.H. the 42nd Sakya Trizin, H.E. Chögye Trichen, H.E. Khenchen Appey Rinpoche, H.E. Luding Khenchen Rinpoche, H.E. Jetsun Chimey Luding as well as from his maternal grandfather H.E. Khamtul Rinpoche.  Since 2013, H.E. Asanga Rinpoche has been studying and continues to study under the private tutelage of the most Venerable Khenchen Gyatso Rinpoche, the former principal of the Sakya College.


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