The Six Dharmas of Vajrasanapada

Bestowed by H.E. Sakya Dhungsey Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche
Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism
February 18, 19 & 20,  2017

HE Avikrita Rinpoche throneB


***Online Reservations are now CLOSED. Attendees can still pay at the door. Note that once the Shrine Room is full any overflow seating will be downstairs in the Cultural Hall where you can watch on screen. H. E. Avikrita Rinpoche will come downstairs during the initiations whenever he needs to directly interact with the attendees for blessings, conferring the empowerments, etc. ***

Vajrasanapada the Elder was a great scholar and adept of Buddhist tantric practice in early medieval India. From him originate many practices relied upon in Tibetan Buddhism in general and the Sakya tradition in particular. Of his numerous initiations and instructions, six were so highly regarded for their profundity and efficacy that they were maintained as a rare set of practices by the early Sakya Forefathers. For the first time ever, H.E. Sakya Dungse Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche will bestow the entire set of initiations and teachings at Sakya Monastery.

A practitioner may attend one, some or all of the initiations as desired, but only those who attend all six initiations may attend the special transmission at the end and will receive the full practice texts. We encourage you to register early, as space is limited.

For complete descriptions of the events, please download our PDF Brochure
參看本次教學活動完整信息,請下載 (正體版PDF法訊)
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There are several ways you can register:
1. Online (via Paypal) on our website
通過Paypal在 (網站) 註冊

2. By phone, with the Sakya Monastery Office at 206-789-2573. Please have your credit card number ready.
3. By personal check on a US bank, to be mailed to the Monastery
4. In person at the Monastery.

Most of the attendees will be seated on the floor. Please let us know if you require a chair.
When you register, you will need to tell us which sessions you wish to attend. The prices are as follows:
- All 9 sessions: $300 non-members, $220 members
- Individual initiations (Session 8 not available separately): $40 non-members, $30 members
- There is no charge for Session 9, the Long-Life Mandala Offering, but registration is encouraged.

Please phone or email the office at 206-789-2573 or if you have any other questions.


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