Buddhist Cosmology

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Buddhist Cosmology

Lecturer: Dr. Jeff Schoening
Sunday, October 2, 2008
Length: 2:00:33

We in the west are relatively unfamiliar with the Buddhist world view, even though it has great significance to those who would follow and / or study the path of the Buddha. This talk is an orientation to the Tibetan Buddhist world view. Cosmology is a branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, processes, and structure of the universe. This presentation describes from Buddhist viewpoints the origins of the universe, the process by which it begins, develops, and dissolves, and the way the universe is laid out, from single world systems to cosmically vast ones. We examine the career of Sakyamuni Buddha, from the time his “gotrarigs” (inclination to bodhi) was awakened until his final enlightenment. And finally we will consider the way we in Seattle fit into this Tibetan Buddhist structuring of the universe.

Upasaka Jeffrey Schoening, PhD in Buddhist Studies, is a longtime member and interpreter at Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. Jeff is the author of The Shalistamba Sutra and Its Indian Commentaries (Vienna 1995), a two-volume study on teachings about dependent arising. He currently works as a health care chaplain and as a private practice spiritual director.


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