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His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Rinpoche has said on many occasions, "All Activities at the Monastery are Dharma."

So we would like to invite our fellow sangha members to join these dedicated Saturday Volunteers and make this part of your Dharma Practice, too.

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Family Dinner Nights

Samantha Branca, our Saturday lunch coordinator, has been hosting "Family Dinner Night" at the monastery every other month. This gives our sangha family a chance to sit, eat, and spend some quality time together. Thank you, Sam!

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From our Book and Bake Sale

Everyone had a ton of fun ogling books, eating yummy goodies and talking with other sangha members at the year's Book and Bake Sale.

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Team Mcfarland has been with us for the last 2 years. Ravenna is our super star seller and chief art director who makes labels and signs for us. And, Mom Alyssa does a wonderful job assisting Ravenna!

Saturday Volunteer Lunches

Volunteer Lunches are the BEST! And always special when H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche, H.E. Dagmo Kusho, and the monks can join us!

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“While preparing a meal for an all day retreat, Dagmo Kusho told me once that Rinpoche always said that whatever pujas or practices were going on upstairs, those exact same blessing were raining down on those of us volunteering, be it Serving the Monastery, lunches on Saturday, or tea on Sunday mornings for fellowship. By the offerings we make the blessings truly rain down!”
- Kathleen 

Meet the Volunteer Coordinators

Dale Johnson
Saturday Volunteer Coordinator

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Caring for the Landscape at Sakya Monastery

Beauty on the inside, beauty on the outside.

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As one of our monks , Khenpo Jampa, said once, ”When the grounds are well cared for people feel happy when they pass by.”

I enjoy and feel privileged to be serving the Monastery by caring for the flower beds and surrounding landscape along with my fellow sangha members. We would like to welcome all who would enjoy volunteering with us!


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